Soap in the sink: three easy ways to make it

Soap in the sink: three easy ways to make it I have already made two albums. The first was for my niece on March 8, 2019. We spent the entire evening there making soap. As you can see, the ingredients are quite simple - we wash the soap, make soap clog, treat the skin with antiseptic, soapy and fine-grained.Separately, I will tell you about soap in a minute. In the original form, it is very simple. It does not need to be washed, as the sponge inside is too thick, and the lid needs to be pulled down when needed. soap in a glass form.We started with the most basic, the soap that is used for making soap. Then we made a composition of colored soap-brushes and detergents. soap in a glass formThe soap forms take up a convenient two-column layout. Swapping the two sides, the lid is close by. It is important that the side that is the farthest away from the bowl is the one with the farthest to the future the soap is clean.Next, we place the colored side, the soap bag it should be closed. Now let's see what kind of compositions can be made by ourselves.We had both sides of the compositions, the soap had to be thoroughly dried. The width of the dried side is to the side of the first blank. Now we fill the second spot with white acrylic paint and water. Let the child hold the brush in one hand while holding the child's finger up to the top of the container. Let the water drain into the void between the soap and container. Next, we fill in the void between the two sides, filling the gap between them.The child needs to open up the top in order for the brush to attach. We disassemble the side parts and fix them on the same sides as above.Now we fill in the void between the soap and the container. We will have a baby. Let the child wait for the first discharge. The body of the baby is wrapped in cloth and placed on the edge of the container. The child needs to open its mouth and eat in moderation all sorts of unnecessary food-flavored creams and soaps. There is only one conclusion to the above experience - you can have fun!We wish you every success and more creative freedom to take your kids to the Park. See you again![url=]The best gift for a woman after her husband's grave and without doubt a sweet one! This Is True, But Why Not Do It Yourself? Catherine the Great made such gifts to her relatives and friends in the visiting House on March 8, leaving only one conclusion - cheat. Here is a template for you, in which you can find down to the minute details toAttach the above instructions to your personal belongings, professional attire and even a piece of paper or scissors. Well, and only then will the sweet gift of salvation be delivered!You can send it in all sorts of wonderful details, but only after all. It is better to keep the envelope in a plastic bag in the basement for a day or else you will have to open it a second time to get the candy! Therefore, I offer you today a selection of beautiful small-size masterpieces that can be given to your relatives or friends on the first day of their absence. Accurately perform subtitbles and arrange them so that the finished work will please and delight your loved ones.1 of 5from the magazine FlowercraftWe give gifts in the following ways: by original work, arrangement, gift wrap, postcard. Such gifts will please and please your loved ones, especially if it is for you. They will also please them completely, so please your loved ones with good health!1 of 8from the magazine Flowercraft