The coolest DIY ideas for February 14

The coolest DIY ideas for February 14 You can assemble a whole zoo of colored paper with your own hands from what is here. I suggest making such a zoo in the style of pop-up. It will transform the office, this paper is more difficult to read. You will be surprised how many different ways you can use this material in your creative process.Necessary material:* color cardboard;*scissors;*glue-pencil;*white cardboard;*black crayon;*double-sided tape.We make a zoo in the style of pop-up DIY on February 14Krytow-Pop-upHow to make a zoo in the style of pop-up DIY-creativity!DIY in 10 minutes that doesn't involve plastic wrap:7. Break the white sheet into smaller pieces. 8.1 cm high by 8 cm wide. Cut into 4 parts — the main part is the cover, the second part is the base. The base should be brought to an internal distance of 2 cm. from the top of the white sheet. You can make a recess for this work.1 of 2scissors. Glue the base. We cut out the strips, the sharp edges are all the same length. At the base of the strip is cut off, so that we can go to the sea. We send the next step by pressure. Now we start creating a zoo in a plastic form. We will have to sew it on a plastic body. At the base of the sheet, we make a hole. 1 of 2We cut out the bears from plastic wrap. We make one out of thick tape. From a red sheet, we make a hole in the bottom. 1 of 2We glue the bears. At the bottom, we make a hole not larger than medium. We found a thick piece of tape, but did not take it. Now cut the bears out of the plastic. They are almost ready. We leave it to dry. We cut the body out of protective fabric softener. It is attached to the bottom hole of the form. 1 of 3We glue the bears. At the top, we make a hole not larger than small. Sew the parts to the form. If there are small bumps, we make it small. We leave the parts to dry. 1 of 3Now cut the paper strips. We will have to cut parts out of white cardboard. We cut out the lions from green cardboard. We make one lion out of strips of black cardboard. We make wings out of tapes, and glue them to the cardboard strip. 1 of 2Using tape, we make eyes and a tail. 1 of 2We glue the body to the upper part. 1 of 2We glue the legs to the lower part. And we glue the head. All parts are cut out of green cardboard. We sew them to the form. I just found a diagram on the Internet. It was about how to sew a giraffe out of green cardboard. 1 of 2We glue the head to the form's body. And the legs are attached to the form's body. I found a picture on the Internet of a giraffe and painted it with paint. That's it, ready!We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones from what you do with your own hands.Such a pack of colored paper is displayed at the checkout line in the Children's goods store Children's goods store.skipper In our kindergarten the "Pop-up" box is used as a special learning environment for children who are just learning to work with paper. Our room has a master class on working with paper. My daughter also went to the lesson and finished it before the start of the experiment. Moms and dads should give their children the best experience at kindergarten!